"Jim effortlessly combines impeccable style with exceptional social finesse". Debbie E.


 "Having confidence and an exceptional sense of style, Jim has a fresh perspective on the world of etiquette and fashion. Jim has helped many navigate social situations with confidence and class." Teena W.


"Jim is a true Southern gentleman that can keep your 5 year old niece entertained and your 95 year old grandmother enchanted along with anyone in between. Jim makes everyone he meets feel special and important!" Kelly H

The Stylish Mature Online Course, Coming Soon

If you're a man, fifty-five or older, and you'd like to add some flair to your appearance and social skills and add to your confidence as well, we have a course for you. It has 25 chapters on clothing, shoes, manners, etiquette, tipping, social media, grooming, relationships, and much more. The course includes a dozen tutorial videos as well.



 Stylish Mature

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